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Lee & White is a data protection law consultancy providing compliance advice and practical solutions to help our clients comply with the data protection and privacy legislations. 

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The Buzzword GDPR

You might be looking for GDPR guidelines and how great we are at GDPR, and how 3-5-7-9 principles will make you completely compliant.

Lee & White has been auditing, assisting and advising on compliance and practical solutions to help you comply with the data protection and privacy legislations (including GDPR) for over 15 years.

We can help you, getting the foundations right first, to be compliant and reap the benefits of having a live relationship with your data subjects. We do not concentrate on how to reduce the risk of getting caught or the reducing the fine when you do, but on creating positive value through a healthy personal data handling strategy.

Data Protection Officer

Lee & White can perform Data Protection Officer services for your company in line with the requirements to have a Data Protection Officer. This is done in an independent way, on a part-time but regular basis.

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